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DJYeoh - TikTok[ElectroHouse] DJYeoh - TikTok[ElectroHouse]

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"dude, do you think that other djs asked for permission for a remix of their songs?"
- as a matter of fact. yes. but, have a look at these:

1) You don't need permission if you create the song by yourself, using your own synths and sounds.

2) But if you use original material from the song (or the song itself), you need permission, Yeoh.

"... if you say i must have permission to do a remix like this, why does everyone doing a remix on songs and you guys dont even comment or even report this to the owner?"
- Because, they made their remixes using only their produced synths and sounds, not using the original song itself. They made their basslines, ambients, pads, effects and etc by themselves and by hard work.

Not just by editing a song, putting it into VDJ, modulating pitches of someone's song and adding an acapella using fl studio.

Well, you can do this actually, and you can upload it anywhere but Newgrounds.

My buddy got a warning once just because he remixed Daft Punk's HBFS, using the original acapella, without permission.

Just trying to help you out dude. I'm not trying to be offensive or back up these 2 newgrounders.


DjYeoh responds:

its ok, atleast you understand. But is your friend a licesene DJ? the main lead is which is electro is mine. only the piano is different? and so what if i use the same beat? doesnt count it as his aswell? can be others? some melodies in trance are also the same just taht you are too overwelmed by the mastering

~EnV~Heaven Rd. 3 ~EnV~Heaven Rd. 3

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lol XD

Envy responds:

Woah... Long review :D

Thanks 8D I hope that 6/5 counted!

Rig - Moving On Rig - Moving On

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~EnV~Imagination(NG) ~EnV~Imagination(NG)

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nice piece of work... X3 Make more more more!!


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My First Trance My First Trance

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trance FL! XD

sounds like teh trance template to me....other than that..good job XD keep makin stuff like this...i wish to hear more from you......X3

im makin this kind of stuff too...if u have time, drop by listenin my songs k? peace


FL8 Test FL8 Test

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nice! (=

how do u use the WASP anyways? i cant seem to understand (most of the stuff)...?_?

5/5 10/10

Sir-Panda responds:

Thanks ^^

Well...Y'see I'm kinda a visual learner instead of one that goes into something to learn every single detail. Soooo, I just twist knobs and switch things...Or just use the randomizer XD..then from there if I find a sound that I like, I'll work with it and edit it to my liking until I get a nice synth sound. For instance the lead sound in this song.

Cheers for the review mate.